Occupied and Vacant Property Staging


Sell your home faster and get the best possible price in the least amount of time on the market with TabulaTua real estate staging services.

Home staging is professionally preparing a home for sale. It is different from interior design; home staging is decluttering, detailing, and depersonalizing the space to make it look like a model home.

We have a team of staging experts that can make the process easier, help you avoid low-ball offers, and enable prospective buyers to see the potential of your property. We offer both vacant property staging and occupied property staging, which are perfect for homeowners who are short on time or simply lacking the know-how to implement staging themselves.

Vacant Property Staging

Vacant property staging includes assessing the home for the right furniture and accessories it needs to match the décor, the location, and the target market. We may source the furniture and accessories, including decorative items and some artwork.

Occupied Property Staging

TabulaTua will come to your home and place accessories, move furniture, and transform your house into a beautiful showplace. Whether it’s one room or your entire home, we will make sure to emphasize the best features of the space.

For this service, we will use your existing furniture and accessories to create a new look designed to appeal to prospective homebuyers, but you may choose to add pieces from our catalog.

TabulaTua: The Go-to Name in Chicago

TabulaTua is the go-to name not only for property staging service in Chicago but also full-service interior design solutions. Offering an eclectic mix of artistic and distinctive new and vintage items. We have hard to find handcrafted housewares you can use to stage your home, and finally sell it quick for a good deal.

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